Born in the Cloud

  • Sysynkt lives in the cloud where it securely connects to SunSystems.
  • No need to upgrade SunSystems or install software.
  • Access all modules anywhere, on your laptop or mobile phone; there's nothing to install.
  • Connect to government gateways for MTD or Company verification.
  • Hook your apps into Sysynkt's API's.
  • Scalable multi-tenant instances deployable in most regions.
  • In-place updates & maintenance.
Sysynkt Logo
Sysynkt Logo

Live Banking

  • Link to all your bank accounts & cards with live feeds, no need for statement downloads or expensive formats.
  • Get notified as soon as transactions hit your account and have them auto-post.
  • Generate & authorise payments with your bank through Sysynkt, no need to upload files.
  • Intelligent auto-matching & reconciliation rules link your transactions with other modules & your ledger.
  • Create secure payment requests.

See which banks currently support realtime banking

Watch a preview here

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Seamless procurement

  • End-to-end procurement that interfaces with SunSystems.
  • Raise & submit requests through flexible & dynamic approval rules & workflows.
  • Budget validation & rules that make sense.
  • On-board suppliers with relevant process flows & data validation from Companies House.

Smarter invoices

  • Capture invoices through email boxes or PDFs, let Sysynkt's AI pre-fill invoice entry & auto match to orders.
  • Collaborate with suppliers through individual Supplier Portals.
  • Code smarter with preset coding & analysis. Spread costs over future periods in one click.
  • Raise and send sales invoices in a few clicks or with reoccurring invoicing
  • Link to & onboard new assets & analysis from one place.
Watch a preview here
Sysynkt Logo
Sysynkt Logo

Instant Expenses

  • Mobile expense capture with AI to read & code your receipts.
  • Budgeting & expense spend control.
  • Connect to Credit Card bank feeds & link your expenses directly to Purchase Orders
  • Debtor & Creditor reporting & management

Do more

  • Reference Data onboarding with workflows
  • Government gateway reporting for HMRC MTD
  • A full API Suite to link to your other apps & data sources
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