Sysynkt XFMS launches!
Thursday 25 March 2021, London, UK

A new era of cloud finance systems begins today with the launch of Sysynkt, an Extended Finance Management System (XFMS) that leverages true-cloud technologies to provide a succinct suite of modules and tools for the modern finance office.

Born in the cloud, Sysynkt operates as a financials hub, linking into on-premise or hosted accounting platforms like Infor’s SunSystems. It provides a rich and modern user experience across its modules, including procurement, live-banking, expenses, supplier and customer management, purchase and sales invoicing, workflows, MTD and reporting.

“It’s thrilling to launch Sysynkt today,” comments Kalev Kalamäe, founder of Sysynkt. “With the pace of change in enterprise software, and the recent turbulent times, it’s now expected that finance systems act just as seamlessly as the apps on our phones. We’ve seen frustrated customers struggling to get their financials working intelligently, but now with Sysynkt we’re able to offer them the tools to finally move with the times.”

“Sysynkt’s ethos is to provide a solution that moves on from the old way of doing things and recognises the new normal. Intuitive self-service lets end users truly partner with finance.”

“Being able to connect directly into powerful cloud services means that people can operate in real-time. It means that customers stuck with old or underwhelming accounting software can now get all the features of a modern finance system without having to upgrade. Mobile expenses, live bank integrations, direct MTD, AI analytics, CRM and ERP connectors and integrations to collaborative tools like Slack, they are all just a taste of what’s possible with Sysynkt.”

Based in London with talent drawn from Estonia and Australia, Sysynkt is a truly global solution. With fast deployment in most jurisdiction and leveraging scalable cloud processing power, Sysynkt offers an affordable pathway to modernisation while retaining the core underlying value of the investment in your existing financial system.

“It’s been quite a journey to get here but now we’re hitting the ground running and the opportunities are endless. There’s already been amazing feedback from our pilot sites.”

Contact Sysynkt for a demonstration of its modules and solutions and to see how you can get the most out of your financials software.