Sysynkt unveils SunSystems Direct MTD for VAT
Thursday 15 July 2021, London, UK

Sysynkt launches first fully-integrated direct VAT filing feature for MTD and SunSystems, completely free for Sysynkt subscribers.

Sysynkt has launched an innovative new feature enabling customers to directly prepare and submit VAT filings to HMRC through MTD leveraging Sysynkt’s integration with SunSystems.

From today Sysynkt users will have access to a VAT submissions feature that directly connects their SunSystems financials to HMRC via MTD, instead of manually filing returns or using “soft-landing” bridging solutions such as through spreadsheets.

By introducing this functionality, Sysynkt is believed to be the first product to offer true-cloud direct MTD for SunSystems. This feature represents the latest step on Sysynkt’s journey to help SunSystems users to streamline their business processes and supercharge their financials.

Kalev Kalamäe, Founder of Sysynkt, said: “It’s delightful to bring direct MTD to Sysynkt today. This is a critically important tax submission feature that will bring real benefits to our customers as they transition to the cloud while complying with HMRC’s MTD roadmap.

“It demonstrates our commitment to bring modern cloud solutions to the SunSystems customer base, removing manual processes and streamlining operations. It’s the 2020’s and we feel that accounting software needs to act like it."

Sysynkt’s Direct MTD for SunSystems comes free with a Sysynkt subscription. Alternatively, it can be purchased as a standalone product.

Interested? Contact us or your partner to arrange a demonstration.