• New Support Desk
    January 2023
    We're starting the year off with a new Support Desk, powered by an industry-leading platform to help automate support queries for our customers.
  • CreditSafe
    December 2022
    Get realtime credit checks during supplier onboarding
    December 2022
    Connect Sysynkt to C360 to automate invoice approvals
    Other Improvements
    • Cross-check and update supplier details automatically from their invoices
  • Microsft Graph
    October 2022
    Leverage your Azure and 365 infrastructure by connecting it to Sysynkt for emails, calendars, Teams and OneDrive
    Other Improvements
    • Preset and analysis can now be split out and allocated using percentages and amounts.
    • Following on from the FCA's announcement in November 2021 and the staged rollout across UK banks, re-authentication of your Open Banking connection can now be done directly within Sysynkt and no longer requries you to break out to your bank's portal. This affects only UK banks, others will still require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) every 90 days.
  • September 2022
    We've started rolling out OpenAPI 3 across the app. Start your integration engines!
  • Invoice splitting automation
    August 2022
    Uploaded documents containing multiple invoices in the one file can now be intelligently split out and processed seperately using AI-driven document splitting
    Other Improvements
    • Option to define invoice approval for Headers, Lines or both at each approval node
    • Hourly activity monitors across all modules and components
  • Workflow Overrides
    July 2022
    Node-level overrides availble throughout workflows, enabling a simpler approval process for first-line processors & approvers
    July 2022
    SAML2 based Single-Sign-On now available
    Other Improvements
    • Bulk approval of transactions and items across modules
  • Currency Rate Automation
    May 2022
    Current rates from Sysynkt, OANDA and XE.com can now be automatically loaded into SunSystems using Sysynkt Plugins
  • January 2022
    Connect to Microsoft Graph to seamlessly integrate with your Azure infrastructure